Ultimate Beneficiary Owners Report Malaysia​

Malaysia ultimate beneficiary owners report provides details of the beneficiary of a company in Malaysia, by identifying the effective ownership of the respective individual(s) using Malaysia registry data.

Insurers and Financial Institutions
View company's effective ownership of shareholders for compliance reviews.
Risk Firms in Investigation Area
Acquire potential ownership analysis for clients to identify red flags during risk assessments.
Merger and Acquisition Firms Analysis
Attest shareholders of interest in company structure during an M&A/deal evaluation.
Government Agencies and Bodies
Assess a target company for due diligence and compliance, and authenticate the legitimacy.

ASEAN Ultimate Beneficiary Owners Report Shareholders Relationship

You will find detailed shareholder organization of the subject company in ASEAN Ultimate Beneficiary Owners Report specifications. The data is in the form of aggreated, official data from official  Each detail focuses on a different aspect of the shareholder, in the form of aggregated, official data.

  • Company title, registration number
  • Sharholder titles, levels
  • Shareholder IC number, PP number, registration number
  • Shareholder type
  • Shareholder relation to the company
  • Number of shares per shareholder
  • Share percentage details
  • Effective shareholding details
  • Last update date of the data

Company Owner Data In Global Company Shareholders Report

The global company shareholders report provides an examination of shareholders and owners who hold at least 50% of the company shares. This assists in the status of shareholders by the quantity and the proportion of shares and the proportion of shares.

Information in the global company shareholders reports is useful for regulatory adherence, AML, KYC, investment risk evaluation, and similar procedures. It also facilitates the execution of due diligence in M&As and enhances transparency in supply chain operations.

Company Ultimate Beneficial Owners Schema

CTOS Basis completes Ultimate Beneficiary Owners Reports by detailing the effective shareholding percentage related to the company. This reveals information such as the shareholder/owner name, the type of shareholder, the effective shareholding percentage, and whether the specific criteria are met for that shareholder. The report concludes with an ultimate beneficial owner schema, which you can export as a PDF.

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