Stock Market Index API

Stock Market Index API

Tradefeeds Stock Market Index API provides real-time and historical data on a country’s stock market index quotes. The stock market index data indicates the rate at which a country’s economy develops. The stocks within the stock market indices of different countries group around a particular industry that has a leading role on the economic landscape. For example, the stock market index US30 groups stocks of the most widely recognized US companies in the world including Apple, Microsoft, Visa, Walmart, Cisco Systems, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, IBM, Intel, Nike, Salesforce and twenty more. They all operate in different industries, yet their grouping into a specific stock market index represents more effectively the overall economic situation occurring the United States. Via the Stock Market Index API, Tradefeeds provides the following stock market index data: live stock prices of different companies, day percentage change, yearly percentage change and date. Below you can find a list of the stock market indices of various countries.

Uses of Stock Market index Data

Investors find stock market index data valuable when they research the financial performance of the most liquid stocks traded on the national stock exchanges. They use the stock market index API to track the market dynamics without necessarily following the going up and down of each individual stock. The data on stock market index helps investors compare historical and current stock price levels so that they can carry out a fundamental stock market research. By using stock market index data, also referred to as stock market benchmark data, users of financial data get a quick overview on a how a country has been performing across various economic sectors and industries. Moreover, they keep an in-house database of stock market indices that happen to be market-cap weighted, equal weighted and price weighted.

Types of Stock Market Indices

America’s stock market indices include: US30, US500, USNDX, COMP, NYA, RUT, DJTA, DJUA, MID, JSE, BSX, BVPSI, IBC, COLCAP, IGPA, Merval, IPC Mexico, Peru General, IBOVESPA, CATSX, Ecuador General,

Europe’s stock market indices include: EU1200, EU50, EU100, EU350, EU600, Monex, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, ATX, Helsinki25, Helsinki, ISEQ, GB100, DE40, FR40, IT40, ES35, CH20, NL25, MOEX, BIST100, PSI 20, PSO Geral, Athens General, SOFIX, BUX, BET, PX, PFTS, SAX, LuxX, CROBEX, MSE, Vilnius, BELEX  15, MSE, MBI 10, Riga, Talinn, CSE General, SASX-10, 


Asia’s stock market indices include: CSI 300, SHANGHAI, SHANGHAI 50, JP225,  CH50,, ADX General, SET 50,  KSE 100, HK50, TA-125 , PSEi, QE, KASE, VN, FKLCI, STI, TA-125, HNX, ASE, ASPI, MSE 20, Blom, LSX Composite, DFM General, Kuwait All Share, JPVIX, TEDPIX, NIFTY 50, Estirad JCI, DSE Broad, SENSEX, TAEIX, TASI

Australia’s stock market indices include: AU200, AU50, AUALL, NZX 50, NZX All Shares, NZX SmallCap

Africa’s stock market indices include: USE All Share, NSX Overall, Gaborone,  TUN, SA40, SAALL, CFG 25, EGX 30, GGSECI, Nairobi All Share, NSE-All Share, ZSI Industrials, SEMDEX

Stock market index API Documentation

Developer Documentation

Stock Market Index API is available in a JSON format. Tradefeeds API also supports all programming languages, which satisfies the needs of our various customers. Check the other formats through which you can obtain stock market index data. Pay attention to the key filtering parameters as well as the input request and output response examples.  

SDKs and Devkits
Get HDDC API in any programming language: Javascript, JQuery, VueJS, Angular, JAVA, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Go, Ruby, C#, R, Strest, Rust, Swift and Scala.
Use the key filtering parameters such as the name of the stock market index, or the country's name to search for indices. Obtain response output in a JSON or XML format.
Excel and CSV Files
In case you do not want stock market index data retrieved in programming languages, then you can request to have it in either excel or csv files. All you need to do is to simply inform us.