Service Level Agreement Tradefeeds

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) covers a guarantee by Tradefeeds for the performance of the APIs. In other words, this SLA shows a certain standard of service applying to our static data. Please read below for the details and conditions.

Server uptime:99.5%
Average speed of transfer:< 1 second
Support quality metrics:call answer < 20 sec
mail answer < 24 hour

1) Server uptime

This SLA guarantees you an average monthly server uptime of 99.5% of our static data (our current average is 99.98%)

2) Average data transfer speed

This SLA guarantees an average data transfer speed of less than 1 second. Exceptions may be in question for dynamic data or in case a large batch of data is requested in 1 API call.

3) Support quality metrics

Our colleagues will get back to you within 24 hours after receiving your email at the latest. In case of large numbers of spam or duplicate emails, we will recalculate by ignoring these emails in the metric. We currently do not provide support over the phone or video calls. We do not provide support on the implementation of the APIs or the development of client projects. Our support is only limited to any of your questions about the data and the APIs themselves.


If you believe we breached our SLA, please contact us at and we will get back to you with a solution. Please make sure to add your (i) contact information, (ii) about how you believe the SLA is breached, (iii) the proof or documentation of such breach.

In case we determine there has been indeed a breach in the SLA, we will apply data credits for each paid month in which the breach occurred to remedy the breach. The credited number of API calls will be at the number of API calls that resulted in the breach and will be applied within 30-days after the breach is validated.


Upon your notification of a breach, we will investigate the validity of the breach within 30 days based on the information you provide to us in your notification. We may request more information from you regarding the breach to help us at any time during the investigation. In case for the investigation to be deemed complete, you must provide this additional information within a reasonable time. In case of delay in this, the exceeded time will be added to the 30-day investigation period.

Limit of liability

The total liability of Tradefeeds, and its partners, affiliates, suppliers, distributors, parent company, for any claim under this SLA including any implied warranties is limited to the payments you have made to Tradefeeds during the months in which gave rise to the liability.

Tradefeeds, its partners, affiliates, suppliers, distributors, or parent company shall not be responsible for any indirect damages under any name as a breach of this SLA.