SEC Filings Alerts

More than 9 million SEC filings are stored in Tradefeeds SEC Filings Database. By using our SEC Filings API, you can have an instant access to any company report and disclosure. Tradefeeds also provides you with the feature to receive SEC filings alerts to track without any delay when companies file their forms with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. If you opt for this feature, you will get real-time  SEC alerts of the latest filings submitted to EDGAR.

SEC Filings Email Notifications

1.You get immediately notified when any recent SEC filing is submitted to SEC via Tradefeeds email notifications. Thus, you do not waste time to make frequent API requests to Tradefeeds SEC Filings API just to check the new filed forms. 

2. You keep up with the public information companies, corporate insiders, management investment companies and exchange-traded funds file to SEC. 

Through SEC filings email notifications delivered instantly to your inbox, you will be informed on time about the financial performance of companies, the events happening inside the business organizations, the purchases, sales and holdings of securities made by corporate insiders, and any important disclosure. SEC email notifications are  useful tool to get reports and forms in a timely and convenient manner. 

Even though you can request from Tradefeeds downloadable SEC filing databases, you still face the problem of going over lots of data. Choose real-time SEC filings email notifications, pick up the companies for which you need subscription and manage navigation through data in a faster way.

SEC Filings URLs

 Tradefeeds SEC Filing API is indeed a data delivery method that allows you to access millions of SEC filings and get that amount of public company information you need. Sometimes, it happens that are not in the mood to examine a considerable number of filings from our downloadable databases, and you’d prefer to get only the links leading to a concrete SEC filing of a company, corporate insider, management investment company or an exchange-traded fund. 

Response ObjectsDescription
company name  Apple Inc

form type

form title quarterly report
filing date2021-07-28
reporting date2021-06-26
act 34
film number211119137
file number001-36743
accession number0000320193-21-000065

Therefore, you can request to receive only the URL of the filing. Except for it, you get a few other additional attributes that help you distinguish between the links of different SEC Filings. The attributes include company name, form type, form title, filing date, reporting date, act, film number, file number, accession number. For example, if you look for the URL of Apple Inc.’s quarterly report, then you get the data in the table: