Options Chain API

The Options Chains API provides traders and developers with access to real-time and historical data on all available options contracts for a specific underlying instrument. The API output presents the following information on each options contract: option type, expiration date, last price, strike price, net change, bid, bid size, ask, ask size, open interest, change in open interest, volume, implied volatility and greeks.

By using filtering parameters, you can narrow down the data and search for specific strike prices, expiration dates, sides or moneyness. This feature is useful for those who are only interested in a certain subset of contracts and would like to retrieve only the relevant data.

"symbol": AMZN
"expirationMonth: "2023-09"
"options": [
            "optionType": "call",
            "expirationDate": "2023-09-15",
            "lastPrice": 13.35,
            "strikePrice": 125.00,
            "net": 0.25,
            "bid": 13.1,
            "bidsize": 40,
            "ask": 13.8,
            "asksize": 30,
            "openInterest": 18377,
            "volume": 214,
            "impliedVolatility": 0.39889,
            "greeks": {
                "delta": 0.96907,
                "gamma": 0.009,
                "theta": -0.05554,
                "vega": 0.01336,
                "rho": 0.02311,

The Significance of Option Chains for Traders

The Option Chain or Option Matrix is a compilation of all available option contracts, organized into two main categories: calls and puts. Call contract buyers hold the right to purchase, while call contract sellers are obligated to sell. Similarly, put contract buyers possess the right to sell, while put contract sellers are under the obligation to buy. The price at which an investor is willing to purchase the stock when exercising the option is known as the option strike. 

While the option chain lists all available contracts for a given security, many traders concentrate on the ‘bid,’ ‘last price,’ ‘ask,’ and ‘net change’ columns to evaluate the current market conditions.The Option Chain provides skilled traders with a quick and efficient way to assess the direction of price movements and it also helps users to identify low or high levels of liquidity, enabling them to assess the depth and liquidity of specific strikes.


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Developer Documentation

Options Chains API is available in a JSON format. Tradefeeds API also support all API programming languages, which satifies the needs of all our customers.  Check the other formats through which you obtain data on options chain. Pay attention to the key filtering parameters as well as input and output response examples

SDKs and Devkits
Get Options Chain API in any programming language: Javascript, JQuery, VueJS, Angular, JAVA, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Go, Ruby, C#, R, Strest, Rust, Swift and Scala
Use the key filtering parameters such as the stock ticker symbol, expiration date or strike to search for data about specific option contracts. Obtain the response output in a JSON or XML format.
Excel and CSV Files
In case you do not want options chain data retrieved in programming languages, then you can request to have it in either excel or csv files. All you need to do is to simply inform us.