nft API

The API can offer insights into token metadata, ownership history, and real-time transfers, ensuring that users and platforms have access to up-to-date information. For creators, an NFT API can facilitate enhanced control over their digital art and content, empowering them to track their work’s distribution and ownership.

NFT Metadata
Retrieve detailed and standardized metadata for NFT collections and specific tokens, encompassing traits and characteristics.
NFT Ownership data
Monitor NFT ownership throughout the blockchain using a single API request, facilitating content restricted by token ownership and improved control for creators.
NFT Transfers
Obtain the most recent NFT transfer information, whether you're seeking transfer records for particular NFTs, wallets, or monitoring transfers in real-time.

NFT Metadata

The NFT Metadata API provides a standardized way for users to access information about non-fungible tokens, such as their title, description, address, id, quantity, associated media etc.

Request parameters: 

token_address  The unique address of the asset. It could be used to look up a specific asset on the blockchain.
 token_id An identifier for the asset. This could be another way to look up a specific asset, especially if it belongs to a larger collection.
 token_owner The Ethereum address of the current owner of the asset. This could be used to fetch assets owned by a specific address.
 token_signature A unique signature or identifier of the asset. This might be another way to look up a specific asset.


  "address": "0xc12f34abcd34e7f8e12f34567d89e4bc567890ef",
  "id": "1024",
  "transfer_index": [12987654, 12, 45, 7],
  "owner": "0x2af5e6d8f78e9abc4567d90ef23abf56de3210dc",
  "creation_block": "4832109",
  "confirmed_block": "12987654",
    "signature": "4d87659c12345fb6789dab12ef456789",
  "quantity": "1",
  "contract_detail": null,
  "collection_name": "DIGITALDRAGONS",
  "symbol": "ᗡ",
  "token_uri": "",
  "metadata": "{\"image\":\"\",\"name\":\"Dragon 1024\",\"attributes\":[\"Fire Breath\",\"Golden Scales\"],\"description\":\"Majestic Creature\"}",
  "last_uri_update": null,
  "last_metadata_refresh": "2022-06-10T14:23:11.290Z",
  "creator_address": "0xd456e7g8h9i0123j45k6l7m89nop0123"

NFT Ownership data

The NFT Ownership API provides information about a specific NFT, including details such as the asset’s address, the current holder’s wallet, transaction and minting block information, as well as additional data like the collection, attributes, and illustration associated with the NFT.

Request parameters: 

asset_address   The unique Ethereum address of the NFT.
 id The unique identifier of the NFT.
 current_holder The Ethereum address of the current holder of the NFT.


  "totalCount": 1,
  "currentPage": 1,
  "limitPerPage": 100,
  "data": [
      "asset_address": "0xb197f9c05f6a43982a56d32d78b6b6c63e7381f2",
      "id": "55",
      "current_holder": "0xf71394e05a734c32a7b5d4218c2c8d12d8f78ef5",
      "transaction_block": "16624586",
      "minting_block": "16624586",
      "asset_signature": "d5890c13eaf7c298e1234fbc89e478ef",
      "quantity_owned": "1",
      "protocol_type": "ERC721",
      "collection": "CelestialCards",
      "short_code": "CELCA",
      "asset_link": "",
      "asset_details": "{\"attributes\":[{\"attribute_kind\":\"Star Name\",\"value\":\"Alpha Centauri\"},{\"attribute_kind\":\"Card Type\",\"value\":\"Star Card\"},{\"attribute_kind\":\"Brightness\",\"value\":\"-0.27\",\"display_method\":\"magnitude\"},{\"attribute_kind\":\"Distance\",\"value\":\"4.37\",\"display_method\":\"light years\"}],\"illustration\":\"\"}",
      "last_link_update": "2023-01-15T11:11:11.111Z",
      "last_metadata_update": "2023-01-15T11:12:12.121Z",
      "minter_address": "0xf71394e05a734c32a7b5d4218c2c8d12d8f78ef5"

NFT transfers

The NFT Transfers API is a tool for tracking and monitoring non-fungible token transfers. It provides data on each transfer event, including the block number, timestamp, and transaction hash, the sender’s and recipient’s wallet addresses, the token type (e.g., ERC20), the amount transferred, and whether the transfer has been verified.

Request parameters: 

block_hash  The unique hash of a block. It could be used to look up a specific block.
 transaction_hash  A unique hash for the transaction. This could be used to look up a specific transaction.
 transaction_index The position of the transaction within the block.
 log_index  An index used to specify logs within the block or transaction.
 token_address The address of the token being transacted. Useful for looking up transactions involving a specific token.
 token_id Specific token’s unique identifier. This is especially relevant for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) where each token has a unique ID.


  "total": 3,
  "page": 1,
  "page_size": 100,
  "cursor": "some_cursor_value",
  "result": [
      "block_number": "12344155",
      "block_timestamp": "2021-05-01T10:15:32.000Z",
      "block_hash": "0xb456a2934785d2c8af3295b6836b8d7146fe193cb73639a4e6dbaa145678ef12",
      "transaction_hash": "0xf84e859e1234bbb4582e1112198623ba9f7e5da789234400ea216d4156ce7d4f",
      "transaction_index": 162,
      "log_index": 335,
      "value": "10",
      "contract_type": "ERC20",
      "transaction_type": "Bulk",
      "token_address": "0xad5ca1eda7645a8cd7c2072c2e218a19a937f15d",
      "token_id": "2",
      "from_address": "0xbcda721a4fb59c80e17ed9f355ce72b791fe5d12",
      "to_address": "0x57edfaebdd92065e7d61e87ed839540982341596",
      "amount": "5",
      "verified": 0,
      "operator": "0x1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef12345678"