market Exchanges API

Market Exchanges API offers up-to-date information about exchanges, trading platforms, regulated or non-regulated markets and trade reporting facilities. The API output includes the following data: MIC (Market Identifier Code), Operating MIC, OPRT/SGMT, market name/institution description, legal entity name, lei, market category code, market category code, acronym, iso country code, city, website, status, creation date, last update date, last validation date, expiry date and comments. You can get the data about market exchanges in  JSON format or excel and CSV files.

Market Exchanges API - Code example

  mic: "3579",
  operating_mic: "3579",
  oprt/sgmt: "oprt",
  market_name_description: "ssy futures ltd - freight screen",
  legal_entity_name: "",
  lei: "213800rgyoal3kl2xl02",
  market_category_code: "nspd",
  acronym: "",
  iso_country_code: "gb",
  city: "london",
  website: "",
  status: "active",
  creation_date: "2017-07-24",
  last_update_date: "",
  last validation date: "",
  expiry_date: "",
  comments: "trading screen for forward freight agreements (ffa)."

Output explanation: 

mic: Market Indentification Code,  a unique identification code used to identify securities trading exchanges, regulated and non-regulated trading markets
operating_mic: entity operating an exchange/market/trade reporting facility in a specific market/country.
 oprt/sgmt: operating/segment
market_name_description: name of the market
legal_entity_name: legal name of the entity owning the market.
lei: Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) see ISO 17442-1
market_category_code: specifies the type of market
acronym: known acronym of the market.
iso_country_code: alpha-2 code of the country where the market is registered
city: : city where the market is located
website: : website of the market
status: : active, updated (since last publication), expired (= deactivated)
creation_date: : date indicating when the MIC was originally created
last_update_date: date indicating when the MIC was last modified
last_validation_date: : date indicating when the MIC was last reviewed for correctness
expiry_date: The expiry date is populated when the MIC is deactivated; upon request from the MIC owner; following market research (user request) or maintenance.
comments: : any additional information worth mentioning to help users with identifying the exchange or understanding a modification.
Developer Documentation

Market Exchanges API is available in a JSON format. Tradefeeds API also support all API programming languages, which satifies the needs of all our customers.  Check the other formats through which you obtain data on market exchanges. Pay attention to the key filtering parameters as well as input and output response examples

SDKs and Devkits
Market Exchanges API in any programming language: Javascript, JQuery, VueJS, Angular, JAVA, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Go, Ruby, C#, R, Strest, Rust, Swift and Scala
Use the key filtering parameters to get market exchanges data. Obtain the response output in a JSON or XML format.
Excel and CSV Files
In case you do not want market data retrieved in programming languages, then you can request to have it in either excel or csv files. All you need to do is to simply inform us.