Malaysia Private Limited Companies Credit Reports

Access Malaysia private limited companies credit reports, tailored for both enterprises and consumers worldwide. The reports offer a comprehensive selection of data that aggregates insight into the financial situation of the subject company.

  • Administration details: Title, registration, current status, address and contact information, industry.
  • Financial details: Company sales, net worth, current financial position, staff strength rating,  staff strength, profitability,  reputation, credit rating, credit score, proposed credit limit, share capital history and more.
  • Company background: The status of the private limited company in the credit report. Number of minimum and maximum shareholders, capabilities of the shareholders, directors, liabilities and legal requirements as a private limited company. Private limited companies credit reports also include business activities of the subject company.

Global Company Credit Reports Company Organization

Get details for the administrative structure of the subject company’s organization with global private limited company credit reports. This data ensures analyzing the company’s activities, reliability, financial condition and its strengths and weaknesses in competition.

CTOS Basis provides company credit reports for companies in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, other Southeast Asian countries as well as companies outside of the region.

Administrative Structure Overview
  • Shareholders
  • Directors (current and former)
  • Managers
  • Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Company secretaries

…and more with names.

Company Litigation Recap in Malaysia Company Credit Reports

Another feature of Malaysia company credit reports is the list of litigation cases of the company. Litigation details include civil and criminal cases which help analyse the company’s credibility and risk assessment. The litigation data in the company credit report is sourced from CTOS Basis databases, containing 99% of the wound-up companies in Malaysia with other regions supported.

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ASEAN Companies Credit Reports for Financial Analysis

View financial indicator data on the ASEAN private limited companies credit reports. Reports include a financial analysis section as prepared by expert analysts. ASEAN companies credit reports feature reported numbers of these key indicators with an overall analysis of the meaning of these figures. In the ASEAN companies credit reports, profit and loss account, financial statements and financial ratios of the subject company are studied thoroughly.

Turnover, profit/loss, return on shareholder funds and net assets
Interest cover and gearing ratio
Liquid ratio and current ratio
Capital control
Stock ratio, debtor ratio, creditors ratio

Industry and Credit Risk Analysis In The Singapore Credit Reports by Experts

The Singapore private limited companies’ credit reports encompass an analysis of the subject company’s industry, specifically in relation to the major economic indicators of its country of origin. These economic indicators include variations in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the unemployment rate, inflation (measured by the percentage change in composite CPI), the balance of trade, country’s population, and 23 other related indicators with values for the last 5 years.

In addition to these analyses, Singapore credit reports provide a detailed credit risk evaluation. This evaluation includes not only a final verdict but also a thorough examination of the drawbacks, areas requiring improvement, and the company’s strengths. This combination offers a rounded view of the company’s financial position with recommendations.

CTOS Basis is a subsidiary of CTOS Digital Berhad, a listed Credit-Reporting Agency in Malaysia with a strong presence across ASEAN. CTOS Basis specializes in serving the global data community with commercial credit reporting and analytics services. These include in-house proprietary data, commercial data from public sources, and investigation data.

CTOS Basis provides conclusive global credit reports using its extensive database, meticulous data collection methods, and credible reporting methods through experts.

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