TradeFeeds’ Macroeconomic Calendar API allows you track economic events and observe their instant effect on the global market.

The calendar offers up-to-date data from reliable sources on key economic announcements and indicators detailing release times, country codes, actual values, past figures, consensus estimates and event importance ratings. Utilize the API’s parameters to filter and pinpoint the data you need by country, date and macroeconomic report name.

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About the Macroeconomic Calendar

An economic calendar API displays news announcements, scheduled events and other periodic data that can influence trading and investment decisions. Traders and investors depend on the economic calendar for insights and potential trading prospects. They frequently adjust their positions based on upcoming event announcements or the heightened trading activity that typically occurs before a planned announcement. Most of the events mentioned in the API output can be categorized into two types: forecasts of upcoming financial or macroeconomic activities or summaries of past economic or financial occurrences.

Understanding Macroeconomic Calendar Data

Let’s break down the provided API output:

  • release: This denotes the exact time and date when the economic report will be made public.
  • code_iso_country & country: These fields give information about which country the report is associated with.
  • report: It’s the title or name of the specific macroeconomic report.
  • reportdate: The month of the report.
  • actual: This will present the current reported value at the time of release, which can be instrumental for immediate decision-making. 
  • last: This gives the value from the preceding report, enabling us to discern patterns or trends over a period.
  • consensus: This is the projected or anticipated value by market experts, forming the basis for market expectations.
  • unit: Here we find the unit of the data, which in some cases might be a currency like GBP or a format like percentage.
  • importance: This is a numerical scale indicating the potential market impact of the data. A higher value usually signifies higher market relevance.

Macroeconomic Calendar API Documentation

Check the the variety of macro trends cointained in our API database. We have data about more than 30 economic indicators.