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Tradefeeds Macro Trends API provides data on key macro trends that influence all financial markets including stock, bond, money, forex markets, and overall the direcition of the global economy. Data on macro trends contributes exceptionally when it comes for people to make trading or investing decisions. By retrieving data from our API database on macro trends, you can reduce the risk aversion when investing in stocks or other securities. Our data is 100% reliable and accurate since it is sourced from the Bureau of Labour Economics in the U.S. and the World Bank. We partner with other credible sources to ensure an efficient and effective Macro Trends API Database.

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Check below the the variety of macro trends cointained in our API database. We have more than 30 macro trends. Only the most essential are presented.

Macro Trends API documentation

The most important macro trends in our database

We are currently working on the further development of our Macro Trends API Database. If you have any suggestions on what to additionally include, you are more than welcome to share your thoughts.