Financial Stock Market NEWS API

The Financial Stock Market News API provides users with the lates news on the stock market. The API has been archiving news since 2017, allowing for historical market news retrieval. We maintain a rigorous selection procedure to ensure every news article aligns with the given company ticker.

The API is meticulously designed to integrate your application or website with distinct platforms, databases, or systems, simplifying the retrieval of company news and the exchange of pertinent stock market data. It also allows you to refine results based on date, news type, and specific tickers using provided parameters.

API Output Example

					[ {
    "symbol" : "FICO",
    "published" : "2023-09-06 10:59:00",
    "title" : "Fair Isaac gets Outperform rating in new coverage at Raymond James",
    "image" : "",
    "site" : "",
    "text" : "Raymond James picked up coverage of Fair Isaac with an Outperform rating, on the strength of the company's FICO credit score business combined with the prospects for its softwaire segment. ",
    "url" : ""


Using a Stock Market News API ensures you receive immediate notifications on vital financial news, keeping you ahead in the stock market. Instead of searching through multiple news sites or platforms, an API brings all pertinent stock news into one streamlined location. You don’t need to have advanced programming skills, with just a few lines of code you can effortlessly incorporate it into your existing systems or applications. The API minimizes the need for manual data collection, saving both time and reducing the risk of human error. Additionally, APIs are scalable, allowing them to handle the demands of both small and large-scale operations. The Financial Stock Market API’s ability to aggregate information from various sources provides a holistic view of the market, it can be useful for anyone involved in stock trading. 

Gain immediate access to financial news.

On TradeFeeds, besides the Stock Market News API, you can choose from a plethora of financial APIs.

Excel and CSV Files
In case you do not want stock news data retrieved in programming languages, then you can request to have it in either excel or csv files. All you need to do is to simply inform us.
SDKs and Devkits
Get Stock Market News API in any programming language: Javascript, JQuery, VueJS, Angular, JAVA, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Go, Ruby, C#, R, Strest, Rust, Swift and Scala
Use the key filtering parameters such as stock ticker symbol and report date to search for data. Obtain the response output in a JSON or XML format