Financial Ratio calculations

This table is meant to help the users of Financial Ratios API to verify calculations and understand terminology with descriptions and formulas for each financial metric.

API Parameter NameNameFormula
marketcapMarket Capitalization
enterprisevalueEnterprise ValueMarket Cap + Total Debt - Cash & Equivalents - Short-Term Investments
pePE RatioMarket Cap + Total Debt - Cash & Equivalents - Short-Term Investments
psPS RatioMarket Capitalization / Revenue
pbPB RatioMarket Capitalization / Shareholders' Equity
p_fcfP/FCF RatioMarket Capitalization / Free Cash Flow
p_ocfP/OCF RatioMarket Capitalization / Operating Cash Flow
ev_salesEV/Sales RatioEnterprise Value / Revenue
ev_ebitdaEV/EBITDA RatioEnterprise Value / EBITDA
ev_ebitEV/EBIT RatioEnterprise Value / EBIT
ev_fcfEV/FCF RatioEnterprise Value / FCF
debt_equityDebt / Equity RatioTotal Debt / Shareholders' Equity
debt_ebitdaDebt / EBITDA RatioTotal Debt / EBITDA (ttm)
debt_fcfDebt / FCF RatioTotal Debt / Free Cash Flow (ttm)
quickQuick Ratio(Cash + Short-Term Investments + Accounts Receivable) / Current Liabilities
currentCurrent RatioCurrent Assets / Current Liabilities
asset_turnoverAsset TurnoverRevenue / Average Assets
interest_coverageInterest CoverageEBIT / Interest Expense
roeReturn on Equity (ROE)(Net Income / Average Shareholders' Equity) * 100%
roaReturn on Assets (ROA)(Net Income / Average Total Assets) * 100%
roicReturn on Capital (ROIC)(NOPAT / (Debt + Equity)) * 100%
earnings_yieldEarnings Yield(Earnings Per Share / Stock Price) * 100%
fcf_yieldFCF Yield(Free Cash Flow / Market Cap) * 100%
dividend_yieldDividend Yield(Annual Dividends Per Share / Stock Price) * 100%
payout_ratioPayout Ratio(Dividends Per Share / Earnings Per Share) * 100%
buyback_yieldBuyback Yield / Dilution(Shares Before - Shares Now) / Shares Before * 100%
shareholder_returnTotal Shareholder ReturnDividend Yield + Buyback Yield
outstandingsharesShares OutstandingThe total number of outstanding shares.
yoy_sharechangeShares Change YoYThe change in the number of shares outstanding, comparing the most recent quarter with the same quarter from the previous year.
qoq_sharechangeShares Change QoQthe change in the number of shares outstanding, comparing the latest quarter to the prior quarter.
insider_owned_sharesOwned by Insiders %The percentage of shares outstanding held by the company's insiders, including executives and major shareholders.
institution_owned_sharesOwned by Institutions %The percentage of shares outstanding held by institutions, including fund companies, pensions, and other entities.
pe_forwardForward PEStock Price / Forward EPS (1Y)
ps_forwardForward PSMarket Capitalization / Revenue Next Year
pegPEG RatioPE Ratio / Expected Earnings Growth
ev_earningsEV/EarningsEnterprise Value / Net Income
rev_employeeRevenue per EmployeeTotal Revenue / Employee Count
profit_employeeProfit per EmployeeTotal Net Income / Employee Count
employeesEmployee CountEmployee Count
inventory_turnoverInventory TurnoverCost of Revenue / Average Inventory
eff_taxrateEffective Tax Rate(Income Tax / Pretax Income) * 100%
movingaverage_5050-day Moving AverageThe average closing stock price for the last 50 days.
movingaverage_200200-day Moving AverageThe average closing stock price for the last 200 days.
rsiRelative Strength IndexRelative Strength Index
averagevolume_30Average Volume (30 days)Average Volume (30 days)
short_interestShort InterestShort Interest
short_share_percShort Share PercentageShort Share Percentage
short_float_percShort Float PercentageShort Float Percentage
short_daystocoverShort Days to CoverShort Days to Cover
epsEarnings Per Share (EPS)Net Income / Shares Outstanding
net_cash_shareNet Cash per Share(Net Cash / Debt) / Shares Outstanding
equity_bookvalueEquity Book ValueTotal Assets - Total Liabilities
bookvalue_shareBook Value per Share Book Value / Shares Outstanding
fcf_shareFCF per ShareFCF per Share
margin_grossGross Margin(Gross Profit / Revenue) * 100%
margin_operatingOperating Margin(Operating Income / Revenue) * 100%
margin_pretaxPretax Margin (Pretax Income / Revenue) * 100%
margin_profitProfit Margin(Net Income / Revenue) * 100%
margin_ebitdaEBITDA Margin(EBITDA / Revenue) * 100%
margin_fcfFCF Margin(Free Cash Flow / Revenue) * 100%
dividend_shareDividend per ShareDividend per Share
altman_zscoreAltman Z-ScoreAltman Z-Score
piotroski_fscorePiotroski F-ScorePiotroski F-Score