Financial API LIST

End the quest of finding all key financial data that influences a company stock price or even its future growth. On Tradefeeds, you’ll find the most useful financial APIs like the ETF Holdings API, Analyst Ratings API, Commodity Prices API, Company Information API, and more. Explore our comprehensive list of financial APIs in the table below.

Note that certain APIs have an associated API call count multiplier. This multiplier is used in API to determine the total cost associated with using that API. For example, if an API has a call count multiplier of 2, it means that each call made to that API endpoint counts as two calls towards your usage limit.

API Endpoints
APIEndpointCall count multiplier
Bond yields/bond_yields1
Cash flow/cashflow5
Company identification/comp_id1
Company information/comp_info1
Commodity historical prices/commodity_historical1
Commodity prices/commodity_prices1
Currency List/currency_list1
Currency Pairs / Forex / Exchange/currency_pairs1
ETF holdings/etf
Financial ratios/fin_ratios2
Historical candlestick data/historical_ohlcv1
Income statement/income_statement5
Insider transactions/insiders10
Mutual fund holdings"/mutual_fund
Market exchange/exchangeinfo1
Option chain/option_chain1
Option chain live/live_options1
Search terms and volumes/search_trend10
SEC filings/sec_filings10
Stock index/stock_index1
Stock splits/stock_splits1
Technical indicators/tech_indicators2