An ESG score API is a digital interface that provides access to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) scores of companies. These scores quantify a company’s sustainability and ethical practices across the three ESG dimensions. By leveraging the API, businesses, investors, and analysts can integrate these scores into their systems or platforms. This facilitates informed decision-making regarding investments, partnerships, or sustainability initiatives. The scores are derived from a company’s public disclosures, reports, and other relevant data sources.

Usage of ESG API

Environmental, Social, and Governance, commonly known as ESG, are crucial dimensions that organizations focus on. An ESG API is designed to streamline the transfer of data encompassing these three pillars. Through this platform, organizations are equipped with the necessary tools and resources to manage, interpret, and assess their ESG insights. Furthermore, the data gleaned from the API not only allows entities to measure their impact on society and the environment but also aids investors in making decisions anchored in sustainability.

Through the REST API, developers can easily integrate and use the ESG data in a structured format for their applications. The API output includes the company’s stock ticker symbol, cik, company name, form type, acceptance date, report date, environmental score, social score, governance score, and overall ESG score The data is provided in JSON format. Filtering parameters allow users to specifically select information from companies they’re interested in. 

API Output

  1. Symbol: The stock ticker symbol of the company on the exchange.

  2. CIK: Central Index Key, which is a unique identifier for the company in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) database.

  3. Company Name: The full name of the company.

  4. Form Type: Type of the submitted form. 

  5. Accepted Date: The date and time the document was accepted by the SEC.

  6. Date: The date of the report.

  7. Environmental Score: The score reflecting the company’s environmental performance.

  8. Social Score: The score reflecting the company’s social performance.

  9. Governance Score: The score reflecting the company’s governance performance.

  10. ESG Score: The overall ESG performance score for the company, which is a combination of environmental, social, and governance scores.

ESG score from an investor's perspective

From an investor’s perspective, the ESG score serves as a nuanced metric. While a high ESG rating doesn’t guarantee risk-free investments in a company’s shares, a low score doesn’t always indicate a company’s operational inefficiencies. This metric, though challenging to interpret objectively, can be invaluable for informed investment decisions. For individuals passionate about certain principles, such as environmental initiatives or gender equality, the ESG score provides guidance on companies that align with these values. Furthermore, it offers a lens to scrutinize the potential challenges and risks a company might face in the future. If one identifies underperformance in a company they’ve invested in based on specific ESG criteria, it prompts deeper exploration to understand the underlying reasons, assisting in a more holistic investment reevaluation.


This ESG criterion evaluates a company’s ecological footprint, examining their carbon emissions, efforts to decrease their environmental impact, commitments to biodiversity, pollution reduction, and their ongoing endeavors to embrace more sustainable technologies.


 This facet assesses a corporation’s commitment to fostering a diverse work environment, ensuring they have engaged and contented employees, their participation in philanthropic activities, their stance on inclusivity, and their opposition to discrimination.


This aspect scrutinizes if the company maintains an autonomous board, possesses a commendable corporate culture, reasonable executive compensation, strong ethical values, refrains from engaging in bribery or corruption, and champions transparent practices.

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