The crypto news API is a hub for the latest events in the crypto world. The news originates from reliable sources and undergoes verification on Tradefeeds as well, ensuring that users receive only news relevant to them. Various filtering parameters can be used to select from the news, and the API collects not only articles but also images and videos, as these are essential for staying informed. Additionally, sentiment analysis is also associated with the news (can be positive, neutral), which enables investors and analysts to quickly gauge the general sentiment of the market or a specific stock.

Download the data in JSON, CSV, and XLM format.

130+ Sources

1000+ Articles/Day

30+ Currencies

2+ Years Historical Data

Relevant data
In order to provide credible information, we exclusively rely on trusted sources and work with curated articles. This approach helps us avoid false or irrelevant articles from entering our database.
We've attached sentiment to individual news, which is very useful when sentiment analysis is needed. The sentiment associated with the crypto news can be negative, neutral, or positive.
Videos and images
When it comes to crypto news, not only articles but also images and various videos are essential to keep us informed. If you can provide such news in your application, it will increase user interest and interactions
  • Headline Highlights

    The API can present headlines that are currently the focus of extensive news coverage or have top mentions.

  • Historical Data

    We have crypto news data going back to January 2021

  • Filtering Tags

    Retrieve data on cryptocurrencies based on country, specific coins, or even influential figures in the market using the 'tag' parameter.

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API Request:

tickerThe currency you want crypto news on
date_from, date_toStarting and end date of historical news
tagAny keyword you are interested in news about
sentimentFilter the data based on sentiment
highlight (boolean)If set to true, display the news articles that are mentioned the most frequently
limitSet a limit for the number of displayed news articles

API Response:

					        "news_title": "Bitcoin Price Forecast For Next Week: Bitcoin Set To Surge Above $35K As November Continues ‘Uptober’ Trend"
        "tickers": [
        "news_link": "",
        "image_url": "",
        "text": "As ‘Uptober’ concludes its chapter, November is set to carry the trend, continuing Bitcoin’s impressive upward trajectory. Over the past month, Bitcoin has recorded gains exceeding 30% due to notable developments such as Grayscale’s triumph and the listing of BlackRock’s ETF on the DTCC site. Analysts are now looking forward to the potential launch of ETFs as the year draws to a close, with growing confidence that Bitcoin will maintain its bullish rally, possibly sending its price beyond $35,000 next week.",
        "source_name": "CoinPedia",
        "date": "Sat, 28 Oct 2023 23:41:47 ",
        "tags": [
        "sentiment": "Positive",
        "type": "Article",