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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Data Products

    How does Tradefeeds source the data?
    All three main types of data we provide to customers are accurate and reliable. The company and financial data is sourced directly from company filings and reports to SEC as well as from the official websites of business organizations and open-end companies, which are generally known as investment companies or issuers of securities. Search trends data is sourced from Google trends while macro trends data comes from the Bureau of Labour and Economics in the USA and the World Bank.
    To what extent the data is accurate?
    Since the data is sourced from SEC, official company websites and other official data partners, the data is highly accurate.
    How fast is the data?
    The API calls take less than 2 ms.
    How quickly can I access the data?
    Once you have subscribed to a particular pricing plan, you will immediately get access to Tradefeeds Financial Database via your unique API key. As you have signed up, you will be able to track API usage, receive invoices and cancel your subscription.
    What is the server uptime expressed in percentage?
    The server uptime is measured to be 99.7%.
    What is an API call?
    Whenever you make a request to our system, you make one API call. The API call is successful when you have written the correct endpoints. Always pay attention to the endpoints. If the API call is unsuccessful, then it will not be counted as being used.
    Can the API calls be increased?
    API calls are increased when you upgrade your subscription plan. The standard and business plan provide substantially more API calls than the basic and starter plans.
    How can I filter the data?
    On each product page as well as on the documentation page, you can see the particular set of filtering parameters used to filter the data. Please, use the correct filters. The use of incorrect filters may lead to APIs returning errors.
    Can I suggest improvement to an existing API?
    Tradefeeds customers are always encouraged to give us feedback on the improvement of the APIs. In case that customers want to see a desired feature of an API, we are readily available to work this out to provide the upgrade. Our team always welcomes fresh ideas and gladly cooperates with customers.
    Can you provide new types of financial data upon a request?
    Customers can always request from our team new types of financial, company or even alternative data. We will work diligently to provide the desired data products.
    What should I do when I reach my API limit for the month?
    In case of API limit, log into your dashboard and upgrade your subscription plan. Then, the upgraded plan will give you more API calls.
    Where can I check the number of API calls left for the month?
    You can track down the number of API calls in the dashboard, which you can find on the website. Log in with your email address and password confirmed at your initial date of subscription to Tradefeeds.
    Can I get a free test API key before subscription?
    No, you do not. We have decided not to provide free test API keys since they provide a very limited number of API calls. Instead, you can subscribe and get a discounted plan for the first month of usage.
    Do API calls update by themselves in order to provide me with the newest data?
    The data updates frequently. Keep in mind that the data in the used API calls does not automatically update. Thus, you should make new API calls to get the latest data.
    Do the APIs have a notification feature like RSS feed that notify me about occurring changes in the data?
    The APIs do not have a notification feature. However, there are clients that have built systems that compare the values each time the API returns the data and display it as a notification.
    In what types of formats, can I get the downloadable databases?
    You can download a database in an Excel, CSV or SQL format. All three formats are delivered in a RAR file.
    Can I use Tradefeeds APIs for developing an IOS/Android application? How about a web application?
    Yes, certainly. Tradefeeds APIs can be used with all programming languages including Javascript, JQuery, VueJS, Angular, JAVA, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Go, Ruby, C#, R, Strest, Rust, Swift and Scala.
    Am I allowed to use Tradefeeds data in stock market exchange platforms, trading platforms, and other of the sort?
    We do not recommend sharing the data with your own clients even though it is of high accuracy. Do not forget that you hold financial and compensation liability. If you choose to offer the data to your clients, your usage will be out of scope to the SLA and Tradefeed will not be responsible.

    Pricing and Customer Support

    Do you provide a free trial?
    Although we do not offer free trials, customers can take advantage of the discounted subscription plans that last for the first month of usage. After the first month of testing Tradefeeds API, the system automatically charges customers with regular subscription pricing.
    Do you offer refunds if I cancel my subscription?
    Subscription plans are non-refundable. However, if the charge has resulted from a mistake on our part, we will issue a full refund.
    What is the deadline for notifying you about my intention to cancel a subscription plan?
    You can request to have a subscription plan cancelled due 10 days prior to the renewal date of your subscription. Please, inform our team at support@tradefeeds.com on time. Otherwise, we will not be able to cancel your subscription plan.
    Are the subscription plans discounted for students, researchers, professors or start-ups?
    Subscription plans can be discounted on the condition that you describe your case and your specific data needs. Please, contact us at support@tradefeeds.com so that our sales team can work on your case and produce an optimal solution for you.
    Can I get a free API key in case I am a student or researcher?
    It is best if you contact us at support@tradefeeds.com to discuss your case. We typically negotiate good pricing. However, there are some cases in which we allow free test API keys on the condition that you make online references, create backlinks for us and help us increase our online presence.
    How do I report a data issue?
    Our technical team regularly maintains and checks Tradefeeds internal API system. In case of a data issue, you can contact us at support@tradefeeds.com and we will make sure to fix it right away
    Am I allowed to keep the data after the subscription plan ends?
    No, you are not. You must delete all of Tradefeeds proprietary data at the end of your subscription to avoid violation of our terms of service. Please, refer to our terms and services for more information.
    What is the pricing of subscription plans?
    There are four main subscription plans with respective pricing. They vary mostly in terms of API calls and the historical period of data. Of course, there are some other differentiating factors. Choose that subscription that best meets your data needs. In case you are not sure which plan to pick up, then better contact us at support@tradefeeds.com
    Where can I keep track of my invoices?
    You can check your invoices in the dashboard, which you can find on the website.
    If my project requires millions of API calls, can I ask for a tailored subscription?
    Yes, of course. Just email us at support@tradefeeds.com to inform us about the number of API calls you need and we will send you back an offer.
    How can I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel your subscription from the dashboard or you can notify us via email at least 6 days prior to the next renewal date.
    I forgot to cancel my subscription before the renewal date. Do you offer a refund in case that I haven’t used any API calls?
    The subscriptions are non-refundable even when the APIs are not used. However, it is best to inform us if such a situation happens. Your unused API calls can be transferred to a future subscription to our service.
    Do I receive technical support for using the APIs? Is it included in the subscription plans?
    Yes, you always receive technical support. You can check the documentation page or you can rely on the document on API use sent via email when you initially subscribe. In case you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
    I would prefer to have a call or a video meeting with the project manager or the sales people. Is this possible?
    For the time being, call support is not available. However, you can always contact us via email. We prefer written communication as it is more effective in clarifying data and API specifics and other matters, too.
    I am a beginner at programming and using API. Can you provide some developer support?
    We do not provide lessons on programming. Yet, we can provide you with instructions on how to integrate the APIs into your application. We would love to help you by answering all your questions.
    I am concerned that I might be breaching the SLA? Can you shed some light on the matter?
    If you forward or display the data as it is to third parties, you will breach the SLA. Moreover, you are not allowed to create a new API that is exactly the same as Tradefeeds API. Please, refer to the Terms and Conditions on use as well as the Service Legal Agreement. In case you do not feel like reading it or you have some concerns, feel free to contact us at support@tradefeeds.com