Business Listing Features for Customer Management in Malaysia

For more effective customer administration, get business listing features for customer management in Malaysia. These listing features offer comprehensive company profile information as aggregated through CTOS datasets and turned into useful and understandable sources of data for fruitful B2B results.

Customer Management Business Listing Features Malaysia provides the information required to build the right strategy for customer acquisition and management afterward. This is made possible due to the content of the business listing features that include all crucial aspects of the subject company’s position. 

What You Will Find In Business Listing Features For Customer Management

✓ Basic Company Info

General information such as company registration details, title, establishment, status, legal form as well as contact information that includes company address, phone, website, email and more.

✓ Financial Details

Company’s revenue, profit/loss, assets and liabilities, shareholders, employee number, ratios and other relevant details in defining the subject company’s financial stance.

✓ Business Activities

Clear and defining descriptions of the subject company’s business activities, such as “Manufacturing of automative batteries”.

✓ Company Financial Health

A conclusion of the company’s financial health based on the metrics in the business listing features for customer management. The final result is remarked clearly as poor, fair, limited or similar.

✓ Overseas Import & Export Status

Indicators for the company’s import and export activities overseas and whether the company engages in such activities.

✓ Administrative Structure

Details on the subject company’s administrative map by remarking key positions: top executives, financial managers, directors, accounting teams, sales managers and others.

Use Cases For Business Listing Features for Customer Management In ASEAN

As the right data plays a strategic role in customer acquisition and management, business listing features for customer management in ASEAN countries can be used for strategic business lead generation by sales teams. The fundamental information in the listing features increases the change of the lead resulting in successful sales. The listings further prove useful for the management and building long term strategies in keeping the client as your client.

Financial Institutions
The listings provide bulk company profile data that aggregates a set of financial data. This is useful for strategic customer portfolio management and spending your resources on correct prospects.
Enterprises of All Sizes
Expanding your portfolio as an enterprise of all sizes is dependent on your client portfolio. Business listing features provide countless opportunities for business lead generation through cross-selling.

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CTOS Basis provides conclusive global key industry reports using its extensive database, meticulous data collection methods, and credible reporting methods through experts.

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