Analyst Ratings API

The analyst ratings API allows customers to retrieve data on historical and current analyst recommendations, consensus estimates and price targets. The database is immediately updated after sell-side analysts have published their revised stock ratings and sales recommendations. Any ratings changes or revisions made by stock experts are available in the API database on analyst ratings. Our data is obtained from leading equity analysts and financial experts who analyze all industries and sectors. Tradefeeds analyst ratings API makes developers able to build applications and internal systems for large customer base including investors, traders, financial analysts, investing firms and many more. The data on historical and current analyst recommendations, consensus estimates and price target is accessible through JSON REST API, and downloadable excel or CSV files.

Analyst Ratings API Documentation

Analyst Ratings and Recommendations

The database of analysts ratings for stocks including buy, hold and sell is immediately updated when stock analysts release equity research reports on companies operating in various industries and sectors.  The changes in analyst recommendations are recorded in the system. However, the database has become an archive of ratings, recommendations and price targets that allows you to track the progress of an individual stock over time. This archive also serves as a way for customers to view the success rate of an individual analyst and use the data to draw conclusions about the value of their rating.

Consensus Estimates

The API database collects stock analysts estimates including revenue and earnings estimates predicted by different equity analysts. The data can be provided separately or published as consensus estimates. Customers can check for accuracy of the predictions when using the data. In this way, they can track which analyst provides more accurate and correct revenue and earnings estimates.


Analyst Stock Price Forecasts

The analyst ratings API allows you to retrieve analyst stock price forecasts in two ways: you either obtain data on forecasts of the entire coverage of stocks prepared by an individual analyst or you choose to get the price forecasts of an individual stock and have all analysts’ forecasts displayed. The data will show in which time frame the forecast is predicted to be reached and will also show a consensus price from all analysts put together. When available, the system will also display a price range or a bull, bear and average case, provided by the analysts.

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Ranking of an Individual Analyst

Customers retrieve data on the ranking of individual stock analysts through the user-friendly analyst ratings API. They are able to filter the data by individual analyst, individual stock or the combination of the individual analyst and the individual stock. By filtering, they can see the success rate over time of the particular analyst in general or for the specific stock. In addition, customers can compare individual analysts and rank them. By comparing analysts, customers are able to track their failures and successes in ratings. For example an analyst may have had a high ranking in the past but has made some incorrect predictions lately on a specific stock. In this case, customers may not choose to discredit the analyst entirely. The analyst ranking provides insights about the failures and successes of the ratings of the given analyst. Their work history can be further researched.

Developer Documentation

Analyst Raings API is available in a JSON format. Tradefeeds API also support all API programming languages, which satifies the needs of all our customers.  Check the other formats through which you obtain data on analyst ratings and recommendations on stocks. Pay attention to the key filtering parameters as well as input and output response examples

SDKs and Devkits
Get analyst ratings API in any programming language: Javascript, JQuery, VueJS, Angular, JAVA, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Go, Ruby, C#, R, Strest, Rust, Swift and Scala
Use the key filtering parameters such as the stock ticker symbol of the company for which you search data. Obtain the response output in a JSON or XML format.
Excel and CSV Files
In case you do not want analyst ratings data retrieved in programming languages, then you can request to have it in either excel or csv files. All you need to do is to simply inform us.